Top 5 Productivity Tips for East London College Students


Are you soon heading to college? Or already in college and still anxious about how things are going to work out? The truth is a shift from high school to college can be quite difficult. It’s very crucial that you must be aware of your goals beforehand and make plans to reach there. There are several things that are needed to be considered and be careful about when it comes to education.

However, college life should be enjoyable and will eventually help you shape your career in the right way. Here are 5 tips that will help East London college students to become more productive.

1. Time Management is something that East London College Students Must Give Priority

To get succeed in life, proper time management is very important irrespective of the courses you have opted. It’s rightly said “Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.” By managing the time to arrange your priorities whether in business or in education, you can give yourself the best chance of staying organized and on track during the exam time. Manage your time well between your classes, extracurricular activities and part-time job (perhaps!). It will help you to reduce stress levels, something that can make a significant difference between success and failure at the university.

2. Minimize Distractions and Stay Active

This may look like a no-brainer, but distractions are something that can’t be always recognized easily— especially when our fingers are fondling them.

You guessed it right, electronic devices are extremely distracting. But at the same time it very helpful for learning and research. CEO’s tip on blocking out distraction while studying or working is to simply put your phone on flight mode, and turn off your WiFi too if you don’t need it for research. The continuous distraction of the college news and social media pulls us out of our focused studying space and make it even harder to be productive especially for college students.

3. Seek A Proper Balance

College life is a combination of academic and social happenings. Don’t let the balance tilt too far in either direction. Often college students especially in East colleges cut themselves from social life and pay attention only to studies, or sometimes vice versa. Both are not good for them. You need to make a proper balance between personal, college and social life.

4. Set Targets and Reward Yourself

When you set targets, you are more likely to adhere to them over the course of your exam preparation time. Try and work out at time when you’re better productive during the day and stay committed to a fixed revision plan during this time. Pen down the list of achievable targets for every session and tick off as you go along, and don’t forget rewarding yourself at the end of the session! It is advised to study to study in 2-3 hour sessions, in this way you can easily divide your day into productive sessions with clear breaks in between them.


5. Get a Good Night’s Sleep and Stay Healthy!

Everyone know the why getting more sleep is important— from improving our moods to maintaining a strong immune system, but how many of us implement this advice? At times, we, especially college students get so entrenched in studies that the high amount of stress and academy load can keep us from getting sufficient sleep. If you take proper and quality sleep, you can think more clearly and focus more on your studies.

Also, take some time for you too. Research say that physical exercises and training can increase blood flow to the brain which eventually improves mood and sleep too by reducing anxiety and stress. Doing some exercise and physical activity like running, jogging, cycling, etc can help you to be more attentive and alert, and thus help you to learn faster.

Stay Fit. Stay Healthy.

So, hope you enjoy your journey in East London Colleges productively!


Author: mrcollegeuk

The institutional and intellectual culture in Mont Rose College guides staff and students to act in unison, to live out the ideals summed up in our name: Mont Rose. The word “Mont”, being philologically linked to “mountain” via Latin and then old French, suggests a combination of height and might, while “Rose” represents beautiful and delicate ideals.

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